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Logic Games study strategy -6 to 0/-2 with only days before test day.

jennybbbbbjennybbbbb Alum Member
edited November 2017 in Logic Games 630 karma

So guys, I found a strategy that worked for me on logic games and this may not necessarily work for everyone.

But with days before the test day, for those of you who are struggling with logic games this MAY help you out. The sections I struggle with the most are RC and LR, hence I spent a lot of my time on these sections to improve my score while I neglected LG a bit since everyone was saying it's the easiest section to improve on.

I went from scoring -6 on LG to 0/-2 in only a few days.

This is what I did. Last week, I reviewed all the CC logic game videos (ie. I watched JY do the diagramming/questions for each type of game type not including the problem sets). I already did the problem sets in the past but it was a while since I touched logic games and I wasn't scoring as high as I would like.

Logic games is one of those sections that you can improve on. People on this forum aren't lying!! Thank you to everyone who helped me out with games btw!

After going through all the CC videos, I would recommend doing some of the games on the CC if you found it pretty hard to follow along with JY's inferences/diagrams etc. I know the miscellaneous games can be pretty nerve-racking but honestly, those games all involve the basics that we have been taught with logic games. Diagramming for misc. games might be the most difficult part but I would honestly recommend visualizing the scenario in your head. This helps a lot with diagramming, especially for me. I feel like once you dive into the game.. they aren't actually that hard since they involve the same type of questions etc. Reviewing the CC videos again just refreshed my mind with the possible types of logic games and I tried to draw the same types of inferences that JY was drawing. The games are really repetitive hence why I think this approach worked.

After I had re-watched the CC logic games videos, I printed 1-2 copies of PT 60-82 sections. I did all the sections timed and then re did the games or sections that I really had trouble with timed. I can honestly say, this process has helped me so much with logic games.

I obviously am pretty proficient with the conditional rules, diagramming, etc. so I found majority of the games to be pretty easy.

Again, this worked for me and may not work for everyone but I think it was worth sharing!

Feel free to ask me questions below incase I missed anything!

Good luck on the December test everyone!

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