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System Won't Let Me Upgrade


I am trying to upgrade to the 7Sage Starter course. However, when I submit my MasterCard information it keeps saying, "This card does not accept this type of purchase." I do not understand why it is doing this. It will not accept another card I tried either, which is also a MasterCard. I have tried resubmitting my information five times...Can someone help?

Thank you,



  • xtinextinextinextine Member
    861 karma

    You might need to call your credit card company. If you're in the US, it might be flagged as a foreign purchase since 7Sage is in Canada. When I made my purchase, the credit card company actually called me to confirm the order was legit.

  • Hello! That happened to me as well. Thanks for your input. I called the bank and we were able to resolve it.

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