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Harvard Waitlist

Waiting For Grey DayWaiting For Grey Day Alum Member
edited March 2018 in Law School Admissions 323 karma

I was visiting Georgetown when I found out I got wait-listed to Harvard.

Although it's not a yes (and I am still in a limbo), I am elated to be even considered by Harvard. I wanted to thank the 7sage community for being so supportive and incredibly kind throughout this long journey. 7Sage helped me increase my 158 (September) into a 168 (December). I wouldn't have applied to Harvard had it not been for my increase - still a shot in the dark. But here we are, in D.C., paranoid that I clicked the wrong button for my confirmation to remain on HLS' waitlist.

I hope to ply through this. And I think I will do that by re-studying for the June lsats to increase my chances. But I wanted to take this time to really thank you all for being the community that I know.

Seriously, thank you guys.

"Let me pray for the best without the worry of a lost that isn't mine"


  • Victoria.BordignonVictoria.Bordignon Alum Member
    61 karma

    That is so great. You got this!!

  • akistotleakistotle Member 🍌🍌
    9372 karma

    You deserve it, @"Waiting For Grey Day"!

  • AllezAllez21AllezAllez21 Member Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
    1917 karma

    Great job on the LSAT score and the positive attitude.

    I hope you get the outcome you desire.

  • RiseandGrindRiseandGrind Alum Member
    219 karma

    Hey there! Wishing you best of luck and hoping that you get the outcome you wish for. I am so inspired to read about your magnificent 10 point increase. I, too am hoping for that bump from my feb score to when I re-take in June. Can I ask your study plan in the span of those 3 months and how you managed to pull that off? You can DM me if you feel comfortable.

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