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November 2018 LSAT for the coming cycle..

SF City DuSF City Du Alum Member
in General 84 karma

Hi all,

Would love to hear anyone's thoughts on this. I have been studying for the last 6 months and am set to take the July test in a couple weeks. Depending on the score I get, I had planned on taking the September test as well. However, I just found out a dear friend is getting married on September 8th, the exact same day..

What are everyone's thoughts on taking the November test for this coming cycle? Is it too late? I will have already taken the July test, and will have already applied to most/all of my schools by then. Really curious if people think it is worth it to take the November test for the coming cycle with a July test already on the books.



  • CantStopWontStopCantStopWontStop Alum Member
    1270 karma

    Nov test is fine. It puts you at “average” in terms of applying. You don’t get a admissions bump from applying early but you won’t be penalized. But if you can score a few points higher, then it’s worth it. Just make sure to have all your applications ready by the time the Nov Lsat score is released (prob around Dec 10).

  • ebalde1234ebalde1234 Member
    905 karma

    if you really want to go to the wedding and tjr timing conflicts but need to retake based on your July score your only other option for the upcoming cycle would be November. Check what the latest lsat accepted is for the schools you are applying to just to make sure . It might put you at a disadvantage for early acceptance but it shouldn’t hinder it too much

  • samantha.ashley92samantha.ashley92 Alum Member
    1777 karma

    If you're not applying anywhere early decision, and the wedding is important to you, taking the November test is still fine. I'll be taking September and November, since I got a concussion that prevented me from taking it in July. I don't think it'll matter, as long as you get everything sent to schools on time!

  • lsatplaylistlsatplaylist Member
    5249 karma

    I'd probably enjoy the wedding and not take it that day. Your friendship is important and the test is offered more times this admissions year than it was before.

  • Tom_TangoTom_Tango Alum Member
    902 karma

    Any chance the wedding can be moved?
    People get married all the time and you can always go to the person's next wedding but your LSAT score is forever.

  • AudaciousRedAudaciousRed Alum Member
    2689 karma

    @Tom_Tango said:
    Any chance the wedding can be moved?
    People get married all the time and you can always go to the person's next wedding but your LSAT score is forever.

    LOL! It certainly feels that pressing at times, doesn't it?

    I'm retaking in November, too. The schools I'm applying to, it shouldn't matter much. Check the websites of the schools you're interested in getting into, and see what the various deadlines are.

  • JustDoItJustDoIt Alum Member
    3112 karma

    November is not too late. Just have your apps ready to go for when you get your scores back. I applied right before Christmas and was perfectly fine.

  • Leah M BLeah M B Alum Member
    8392 karma

    As someone who took the December LSAT last year, it's not too late. You just should be strategic about it.

    If your July score ends up being high enough that you aren't worried about a possible quick rejection, then go ahead and send those apps in September/October when they open. For any schools that you are really interested in and might be a borderline reject/waitlist, it might be wise to hold off on sending the app until November/early December. The biggest risk is a school rejecting you before seeing a new (hopefully higher) score. Of course, November test is thankfully earlier than the previous December tests, so you have a little more wiggle room.

    Also, if you send your application out in Sept/Oct but are registered for November, a lot of schools will automatically hold off on reviewing your application. You can email them and request them to consider it as completed and be reviewed with your current score. Most schools will be ok with that, although I had 1 school (USC) last year tell me that they will not budge on that; if you have a pending LSAT score, they won't look at your application.

    So, you may have to work it out school by school, but November is definitely not too late to take it. The general rule of thumb is applying before Thanksgiving is early, before Christmas is on time, January is getting late-ish, February and on is late.

  • PositivePositive Alum Member
    426 karma

    @"Leah M B" Hi Leah! Thank you for your comments. You mentioned that "most schools will be ok with reviewing with current score and not hold off on reviewing.

    Would you mind if you could share which schools were OK with that? Thank you so much! : )

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