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Should I be foolproofing the LG in the CC as I go through it?

Gunningfor121Gunningfor121 Alum Member
in General 517 karma

Or should I wait until I'm done with all the CC to actually start foolproofing, as in doing each game several times? If the latter, I think I'll finish up the CC and then take PT 1-35 timed and then BR each one and foolproof them at the same time.


  • 1000001910000019 Alum Member
    3279 karma

    If I could do it again, I would have jumped right to the LG CC and then started doing FP while finishing the rest of the CC.

    Some members suggest that the LR material also helps with the LG. I don't know the order of the CC anymore. But if you're asking whether you should finish the RC CC before starting FP LG, I'll go with no unless you're already a whiz at LG and losing tons of points in RC.

  • Gunningfor121Gunningfor121 Alum Member
    517 karma

    @10000019 I'm not sure I could handle foolproofing logic games while finishing the RC CC... Lol

  • edited July 2018 615 karma

    I started with LR CC, stopped after 40hr or so, and started on LG CC so I can do foolproofing while going through the rest of the LR and RC CC. I think the first few LR lessons did help me with LG, since they are explaining logic. I'll be done with the LG CC in 4 days, and plan on going back to LR CC, and I can do two LG sections as I study for other sections.
    I also started with the RC section, so I can just do one section a day.

  • Gunningfor121Gunningfor121 Alum Member
    517 karma

    @HaloHalo I like this idea! I've finished all the LR CC so I think I'll start foolproofing 2 LGs a day or so from the CC while I review a question type from LR each day. That should keep it all balanced so I stay on top of all the material without burning out

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