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Tips for 2nd Attempt

Kaleighns4Kaleighns4 Legacy Member

I'm preparing for the November test, which will be my second attempt. Does anyone have any good study strategies that work for them in preparing to take the test again?


  • BinghamtonDaveBinghamtonDave Alum Member 🍌🍌
    8678 karma

    My recommendation would be to diagnose and fix any previous shortcomings. This effort breaks down into two broad categories in my estimation: core skills and test taking strategies. So for instance if causation reasoning was something that was present on a question you got wrong on your previous take: review the CC and review strategies for these questions. This would be a core skill.

    A test take strategy issue would be something like timing strategies, pacing, skipping etc. here is where we put our knowledge into use on the exam in an efficient and confident manner.

    Most important here is that diagnostic of what went wrong. This step is so important because it is our road map for future improvement.

    Best of luck moving forward

  • Kaleighns4Kaleighns4 Legacy Member
    45 karma

    Thanks for the advice! You didn't address this in your post and this could be a dumb question, but when people say 'drills', do they take problem sets of the same type of question and do them over and over? @BinghamtonDave

  • alyhobbsalyhobbs Alum Member
    715 karma

    I will jump in on the drill question and say yes and no. If you have problem sets you saved from the CC then you can use those but you can also make your own. Drilling is basically taking questions based on their question type and doing multiple like a problem set. The best way to do this in my opinion is mixing up the difficulty. When you do problem sets from the CC, it has been my experience the lower the number, the easier the difficulty and vice versa.

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