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Score going down 2 practice test before THE test, should I be worried?

jencabrera05-1jencabrera05-1 Free Trial Member
in General 14 karma

I've been pretty much hitting my goal and maintaining my goal score with my twice-a-week preptests and my last two were low. Second to last was low and most recent (yesterday) even lower. I'm freaking, now that I am so close to the test. Why is this happening now? I was experiencing a bit of pain and sinus pain during both tests, I don't want to rely on those excuses... Thoughts?


  • MissChanandlerMissChanandler Alum Member Sage
    3256 karma

    It sounds like you're psyching yourself out about the "real" test day. Listen to the newest 7sage podcast, don't take anymore PTs, and just try to remember that you've hit your goal score lots of times in practice and you can do it on the real thing too.

  • jencabrera05-1jencabrera05-1 Free Trial Member
    14 karma

    You’re probably right. Thank you for your words. I’m going to listen to the podcast now. I had one more PT scheduled just to perhaps redeem myself, and then go into the test more confident.

  • rkathleenrkathleen Member
    72 karma

    Same thing happened to me, I was taking 2 in a row every week and this week decided to take 3. The third was a 5 point drop from my average. Definitely is just a combo of being tired, and knowing it's not the real thing. Just think of it as good motivation for a last push of motivation for the real test (which you will exceed your score on) :)

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