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Can I take an LSAT later than the January and still apply this cycle?

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Hi all,

I have taken the September and November LSATs and basically got the same score--which, was not what I wanted. Can I take the March LSAT or June LSAT or will schools not look at it? Is the January LSAT the latest acceptable LSAT for this cycle?


  • OhnoeshalpmeOhnoeshalpme Alum Member
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    It depends how you define “acceptable”. In February you are considered a late applicant, which means that unless your scores are significantly above median, your odds of being accepted or offered scholarship are much lower than they would be if you applied (with the same scores) in September. Depending on the school, this difference can be shocking. Sometimes 30-40% higher.

    With that in mind. If you are already a median candidate at a school, you could apply now and notify the school of a retake coming in January. That way, you’d be ahead of the curve for other February applicants.

    I suggest delaying a cycle usually in your decision, but it totally depends on how much improvement you expect by January and how important it is for you to begin law school in the fall.

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