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Score Releases

drbrown2drbrown2 Alum Member
in July 2019 LSAT 2227 karma

Just got an email from LSAC. Scores for the July test administration will not be released until August 28 due to the increased scrutiny and research they must do after introducing a new mode of test delivery. I'm sure many anticipated this, but I was actually under the impression that scores would come out sooner for some reason with the digital format. Just something to be aware of for all you July test takers out there. I think the best approach is to continue preparing for a September retake if you anticipate taking advantage of the score cancel/free retake option. There won't really be enough time after August 28 to jump back into LSAT prep.


  • chloeevans89chloeevans89 Member
    12 karma

    The deadline to apply for the September exam is August 1st, which makes it difficult to plan to take September with the refund score canceling option. Wonder if they will offer refunds after you register/cancel your score?

  • drbrown2drbrown2 Alum Member
    2227 karma

    We'll have to clarify that, because I plan on applying as early as possible and July is my backup for June. Don't want to have to retake again later in the cycle than necessary!

  • chloeevans89chloeevans89 Member
    12 karma

    Agreed! September is my back-up for July. I don't want to take it if I have to and I don't want to cancel my score and have registered for September and not get refunded after the fact.

  • LegallyBrunette21LegallyBrunette21 Yearly Member
    500 karma

    I am personally going to take a week off after the July exam and start studying for the September exam regardless of my July score but they should have made this announcement much earlier around the time when the registration for July opened.

  • 246 karma

    I think LSAC did warn that scores would be delayed awhile ago, but this is a little longer than I was expecting. Makes it tough for people who were planning on July then September.

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