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LSAT in China

EAnn8771EAnn8771 Alum Member
edited July 2019 in Test Center Reviews 126 karma

Has anyone taken the LSAT in China recently? I am taking it in October 2019 and was planning on taking it in Shanghai as spots were available earlier this week but unfortunately no more spots are available (it is the closest center to me, only 2 hours commute). So I am either looking at Beijing or Guangzhou and I have read some not so favorable reviews for both centers. Beijing and Guangzhou are both around the same distance/same amount of money needed to spend to get there and to get accommodations (a place to stay the night before). So if anyone has recommendations between the two or has had a good experience getting into a test center that has no more available seats abroad, please let me know!

Side note: I called LSAC about Shanghai no longer having availability the day it happened and they stated to call back within the next couple of weeks and see if they opened up more test centers, but from my own research it doesn't seem likely that they would open up more centers. **edit as of 07/01/19, they added another test center in Shanghai so I stand corrected on this and will hopefully get a spot in the new center when I get my next paycheck.

Another side note: I have read all the reddit posts, previous 7sage posts, and all other forums talking about taking the LSAT in China so please do not link me to them as I have probably read them already.

One last side note: I am not considering Hong Kong as a testing center option for the time being.

Thank you to anyone who responds, I have had a rough week trying to figure this out so I appreciate any advice given.


  • UnicornFartsUnicornFarts Alum Member
    222 karma

    I took one in Beijing last year. It was pretty good overall. The proctors are super nice and it was pretty quiet except for a small bit where there was construction outside, but I think it should be fine by now. There is a clock in the front. The tables were just enough to fit the test packet. It can get a tiny bit cramped, but considering that I took the first test at OSU where they had those tiny flip tables attached to the chairs, this was paradise compared to that. Hope this helps!

  • EAnn8771EAnn8771 Alum Member
    126 karma

    @UnicornFarts Thank you so much for replying, I really appreciate it! Also, A+ username, 10/10!

  • lsatbeastmodelsatbeastmode Alum Member
    51 karma

    When you say "Beijing and Guangzhou are both around the same distance/same amount of money needed to spend to get there and to get accommodations." does that mean that it costs extra to receive accommodations at an international location?

  • xsdrayxsdray Member
    8 karma

    I took tests in both Beijing and Guangzhou last year. Both locations are semi-dedicated testing facilities that also host TOEFL tests, and both places offered bag holding service. For me the testing center is a typical Chinese university classroom, with a chair and a desk large enough to pen out the testing book and the answer sheet with room to spare for pencils and erasers. I personally liked the Guangzhou testing room better, as it was brighter and the room had larger individual tables and movable chairs. Testing rooms were not as good as some US classrooms but much better than a chair with an flipping desk as commonly seen in a US college classroom. Guangzhou testing location, if it hadn't changed, is located on the northern edge of downtown, tucked away under Mt. Baiyun. Good* accommodation options are limited. Beijing testing location, if it hadn't changed, is located near the E 4th ring, with an abundance of good* accommodation options. Personally, I took a 40min car ride to the testing center in Guangzhou, and I walked 30min to the testing center in Beijing, both options didn't significantly exhaust me. In my experience, proctors at both testing locations were not as experienced/professional as those in the US. In Beijing I was sitting in the front row and I had to signal the proctor to stop talking as loudly as they were to not distract me from the test, although it might be an isolated incident.

    I hope this helps~

  • EAnn8771EAnn8771 Alum Member
    edited June 2019 126 karma

    @lsatbeastmode Sorry for any confusion, I definitely should have chosen a better word (and I edited my original sentence to clear up that confusion)! I meant accommodations as in a place to stay at a hotel/hostel because the exam is at 8:30am. So in either location the price is relatively the same to stay the night before the test.

  • EAnn8771EAnn8771 Alum Member
    edited June 2019 126 karma

    @xsdray Wow, thank you so much for the information about your experiences at both testing centers, it is really helpful and I will definitely take into consideration all that you have said when choosing one! I'm sorry that the proctors were talking and hopefully they stopped when you told them to.

  • 57 karma

    i am in the same shoes, I wanted to take lsat in SH, when I first checked, still available, but now all gone. So I decided to take it in GZ since I read some good views about this location

  • EAnn8771EAnn8771 Alum Member
    edited July 2019 126 karma

    @"leahdejavu O__O " I hated that, I'm sorry you were in the same shoes! Just wanted to let you know I just checked today and they added a new testing center for Shanghai.

  • Carol Y.Carol Y. Member
    33 karma

    I plan to take it in Shanghai in October! Study buddies anyone? :D

  • EAnn8771EAnn8771 Alum Member
    126 karma

    @"Carol Y." For sure! Feel free to PM me!

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