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Won't have time to finish PT 1-35; which ones should I do before moving on to the more recent tests?

wngdwaf_1wngdwaf_1 Alum Member
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Finished CC. Just did PT 1 today. I'm hoping to write the Sept test and thus will not have enough time to practice all PT 1-35 AND the more recent tests that follow. Which ones should I at least do from 1-35 before moving onto the more recent tests? Or do you suggest an alternative strategy? Thanks!


  • dillonritchidillonritchi Alum Member
    43 karma

    From what I understand is that the PTs you should do from 1-35 is subjective from what I have seen from my personal experience and from what others in the community have said. If you are struggling in LGs the earlier ones are much more harder than the current LG form and their are also generally more questions. However, if you struggle in RC you may want to not do the earlier PTs because their reading comprehension is easier than the current version of the LSAT RC sections. LR is different in two significant ways, in that their won't be as much two question stimulus as their was in the past LSATs and that the difficulty in LR is a lot more hidden in modern LSATS as compared to previous ones. So I would say that you should gauge which ones you want to do by the strength of your sections of the LSAT.

  • ExcludedMiddleExcludedMiddle Alum Member
    737 karma

    Are you talking about the logic games? Most people start PT'ing with PT 36, if not PT 52, and just use PT 1-35 or PT 1-51 for drilling/timed sections/foolproofing. In my opinion PT 19-35 logic games should get you a pretty good foundation provided you truly foolproof them according to the PDF/video that explains the 7Sage method.

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