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Taking the LSAT an excused absence for university?

marycammarycam Member
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I want to take the October LSAT, but the exam falls on a Monday. I have four classes every M/W/F at my college. I am wondering if taking this exam will count as an excused absence or unexcused? I know every college is different, but i'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what the outcome was. I'm worried because the LSAT will fall somewhere around my midterms, but I can't be sure until I get my syllabi for the classes next month. I want to make sure that if I do have to miss a midterm for the LSAT that it will count as excused and I will be able to take midterms later.

Please let me know if anyone has any idea because I cannot find the answer on my school's absence policy. Thanks!

Absence Policy at College
  1. Does taking the LSAT count as an excused absence at university?12 votes
    1. Yes, it is excused.
    2. No, it is not excused.


  • cooljon525-1-1cooljon525-1-1 Alum Member
    917 karma

    I think it depends on the teacher. For one of my classes, an LSAT date fell on a midterm and the teacher's policy was that if you missed a midterm, you had to file an incomplete for that quarter and take the midterm next quarter on the same day with the new class. So there definitely was an option to not take the midterm, its not like you get a 0. But to wait till next quarter to take an exam is terrible.

  • johnwashere31johnwashere31 Member
    41 karma

    The answer to everything related to the law applies here: "it depends."

    It'll depend on your professor's attendance policy, whether or not you have exams on that day, the absence policy of your university, etc., etc.

    If you have a/midterm(s) on that day, meet with your professor(s) during office hours and ask if you can take the exam(s) before that day. I had to do this for 2 classes when I had to leave on a trip before finals and both profs let me take the exams early. I would assume that taking it earlier is less of a hassle for them than trying to make it up later with grade deadlines and all that, but again it could depend on whether or not they have the exam prepared already.

    Basically, just ask them and try to work something out if any schedule conflicts arise.

  • lsatplaylistlsatplaylist Alum Member
    5244 karma

    Maybe go to the professor on your first day and figure out something that they'll be happy with to deal with the absence. And say it's only 1 class period. Then send a couple emails--one that same week and one the week before the test to confirm.

  • endless_summer17endless_summer17 Alum Member
    76 karma

    Maybe register and then change testing date after you find out from your professors because slots are starting to fill up quickly.

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