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Line Reference Questions are killing me... is my approach wrong? #Help

So after looking at several of my tests - I feel line referencing questions are just a pain in the ass lol.

I am not sure if I am approaching them right: do I have to focus on the line reference specifically in the paragraph? Or to the overall passage? Or to its relation with the passage MP? Or all of this LOL?

I usually try to connect it back to MP but on my BR still getting these wrong.

Any help would be awesome.... thanks :)


  • Pride Only HurtsPride Only Hurts Alum Member
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    I think it's just important to get the context right. Simply reading the line by itself can cause trouble. I typically look at the information a couple lines before the line reference.

    But sometimes a line might include referential phrasing, so for example, if the line says
    "since the19th century these methods have changed very little" we need to know exactly what methods we are talking about. If the question is asking for the purpose of that line, you may need to link the line with something previously said. Perhaps the first paragraph mentions that there are people who argue that "these methods" are constantly changing and therefore XYZ. If that's the case then maybe the purpose is to let the reader now where the author falls on that debate.

    Hope that wasn't too confusing!

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    Thanks for the advice...

    basically scan a few lines before and after? right? and see how that ties into the MP?

  • Ms NikkiMs Nikki Alum Member
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    Also situate the line reference into your low res summary of the paragraph, and sometimes into the passage as a whole. Perhaps the line gives an example of OPA (other people's arguments) and the author crushes them later in the paragraph, or they are a reply to the argument in a prior paragraph. Or maybe it is support for the authors argument. With your low res summary you get a better point of how it fits.

  • AudaciousRedAudaciousRed Alum Member
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    @Trusttheprocess said:
    Thanks for the advice...

    basically scan a few lines before and after? right? and see how that ties into the MP?

    Yep. Definitely a must. Read a little before and after. Then, take what the line means and apply it to the passage as a whole. Ask yourself, "What does the line mean in the context of the passage?" and "How does it connect to what is going on in the passage?" That should help you answer questions on a specific line.

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