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I submitted six applications without headers for any of my attachments.

marbl2020marbl2020 Legacy Member

I didn't even think about this until I got to the NYU app and it specified to include my name and LSAC number. I had heard "Just start writing" elsewhere so was under the impression a header was unnecessary. Now I'm worried I might have just hurt my chances at several schools by looking sloppy. How bad is this?


  • sillyquillysillyquilly Legacy Member
    121 karma

    please. . . PLEASE tell me headers are not necessary I haven't used them at all! AHHHHHHHHH

  • marbl2020marbl2020 Legacy Member
    56 karma

    I hope not! But I noticed after the NYU app that a couple other apps were asking me to list my name and LSAC number on all my attachments as well. Made me wonder if that instruction was on any of my earlier apps and I just missed it.

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