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Should I take the October LSAT?

minimeg181minimeg181 Monthly Member

Hi everyone,

So as we all know, the October LSAT is 4ish weeks away...I found 7Sage in August and have studied the crap out of it (in the Starter addition) since. I work full time, with 12 hour days one day, 7 hour days the next, so my study schedule isn't as consistent as I'd like it to be. I was starting to score high 150's, but I've gone back down to mid-150's with BR in the low 160's. Do I have enough time to study for my target score of mid to high 160's? Should I withdraw and try for the November or December LSAT? I'm trying to get in this cycle, only having just picked up studying in May. Any advice would help!


  • RealLaw612RealLaw612 Legacy Member
    1094 karma

    If you're only BRing in the low 160s you still need to work on understanding the logic, mastering games, and/or refining your RC methods. To get better at the LSAT requires you to improve the way you think and there is, unfortunately, no timeline for how long that may take. If I were you, I would definitely postpone if I'm not PTing at or above my target score. You say you aren't even BRing at your target score. To me, it's an easy decision: you'll still be able to apply this cycle if you take in November and it will be better for you to apply later if your LSAT score is where you need it to be vs sooner with a lower score.
    I wouldn't settle for less than my best so I couldn't recommend it to anyone else either.

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