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Binghamton October 28th, 2019 LSAT Conditions

nodestromnodestrom Member
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I am not a student, but a parent, and I am appalled at the lack of professionalism and inhumane conditions my son was subjected to at the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel in Binghamton on October 28th, 2019, after months of preparation for the LSAT. If any student feels the same please speak up and write the LSAT a complaint letter, and post here as well. I will be taking actions.

  1. The test was supposed to start at noon (12 PM), but started at 1:45 PM. Kids had arrived nourished, on time, and prepared, and found themselves famished at one point, making it hard to focus during the test.
  2. Monitors/Supervisors talking in the room causing distractions and affecting focus.
  3. Students late to start taking the test were allowed to enter and be set up causing further distractions.
  4. Only ONE restroom, ONE for each sex to use. Kids were on a long line for a very long time so not much of break, adding to the stress.

This is completely unprofessional, inconsiderate, and inhumane.

If this was outsourced, or operated by employees of the administrating board, actions should be taken.


  • BinghamtonDaveBinghamtonDave Yearly Member 🍌🍌
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    I am commenting because this is my hometown. Just curious, students were allowed to enter the exam late and take the exam? Like, they missed a section or part of a section? Or did they enter the room and were then escorted out ie, not stopped before entering?

    Was the exam supposed to begin at 12 or 1230? 145, although behind schedule is not necessarily an unheard of amount of time for the test to be running behind in my experience, this forum and others are replete with examples of test centers beginning late.

    Just to be clear: there was one total restroom for every single person at the exam to use? I don't want to misread what you have written.

    I ask these questions because I do community outreach and often introduce the June 2007 exam to CC students or even high school students who are interested in law school and if someone were to ask, I would like to be confident in recommending the Doubletree as a test center or not. I also have several locals that I tutor who plan on taking the exam.

    Let us know what the LSAC's response is.



  • nodestromnodestrom Member
    edited October 2019 6 karma

    David, I updated my post for more clarity.

  • LouislepauvreLouislepauvre Alum Member
    743 karma

    In terms of distraction/focus, once I had a proctor, in a very small room, put on headphones and blast reggaeton. He thought we were all just hanging out having a good ol’ time.

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