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Finished basic course. Upgraded to advanced course. Best way to attack?

ande1552ande1552 Alum Member
in General 10 karma
Hi I took the December LSAT after studying using the beginner course (and disappointed), now I plan on taking the June LSAT. I purchased the upgraded course with everything. Looking for advice for hitting these bonus problem sets. Should I do all the weakening in a row for example? Or should I throw some parallel problem sets in between to make it more like the test. Is it best just to focus everything on one set at a time? If you are reading this and have been in a similar spot please let me know what felt right for you. Thanks


  • emli1000emli1000 Alum Member Inactive ⭐
    3462 karma
    Maybe re-do the Curriculum. Work out those problem sets & BR!! You want to make sure you truly understand the fundamentals in attacking each and every lsat question type. Also, what question type gave you a hard time? You should re-do the entire section and every problem set in the Curriculum.
  • Alum Member
    463 karma
    I don't know where you are at. But I agree with @emli1000. Maybe redo the curriculum to get a firm understanding of the basics. And focus on problem question types. Furthermore, I think BR is extremely important to improvement. It's helped me immensely.
  • VegMeg55VegMeg55 Alum Member Inactive ⭐
    587 karma
    I would have to agree with the two people who posted above. The material is fairly cumulative and reviewing the entire curriculum might prove to be very beneficial even if you're only struggling with certain question types. Drilling specific question types is good until you're 100% sure you understand how to attack them. Then mix up the question types to make sure you are actually identifying the question stem (as opposed to already knowing what it is and skipping over it) and that will get you more ready for the PTs. Good Luck!
  • harrismeganharrismegan Member
    2074 karma
    I purchased the one up from the beginner package at first for the December LSAT. Looking to retake in October.
    I would honestly go through everything a second time. Even those lessons that you "know" you understand. Just refresh everything. You'll be surprised how much you can learn... even though you already learnt it.

    I would then just do all the problem sets together. Even the ones that you've done. I can't stress this enough. Flaw used to be my worst section. Ever. Now that I've gotten to that portion of the course again (and I do not have memory of the correct answers), I am getting almost every section correct.

    Get those fundamentals and then start attacking preps. Fundamentals. Fundamentals!
  • lsatcommittedlsatcommitted Alum Member
    166 karma
    Im on my second round of the Ultimate package. I finished the first time, did some practice tests and didnt improve. I pushed the test back to June, am redoing the curriculum and drilling with Cambridge package...
  • emli1000emli1000 Alum Member Inactive ⭐
    3462 karma
    @harrismegan must have been the Flaws google docs ^_^ lol jk
  • jdawg113jdawg113 Alum Inactive ⭐
    2654 karma
    as stated, I would go over the lessons you are having trouble with, I would also think about supplementing with Manhattan LR maybe, might help really get LR types down along with JY's vid's. Along with drilling a bunchhhhhh of Cambridge questions as you go over each type to really get it down. untimed drilling for the most part to help make sure you have the fundamentals down pat then creep up to timed sections and maybe even Cambridge "difficult" packet later down the line. The more questions you do better chances of noticing and understanding the patterns LSAC uses
  • ande1552ande1552 Alum Member
    10 karma
    Thanks for the feedback everyone. I have been doing the blind review the entire time and will of course continue with it. Not sure if I am going to go over EVERYTHING again, will for sure review areas I feel weak at. Trying to keep a good spirit with doing this dance again. I hit a wall where I wasn't improving last time and honestly reviewing the same lessons doesn't really feel like the best way to improve. I really want to get back to the practice tests but I need to strengthen my foundation.
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