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Looking to mentor a student in the 150's or below (Currently Closed)

MarkmarkMarkmark Alum Member
edited March 2020 in General 976 karma

Hi my name is Mark and I've been studying for a little over a year, I've gone through Mike Kim's LSAT Trainer, the Lawschooli LR curriculum, the CC here on 7Sage and I'm working through The Loophole by Ellen Cassidy. My highest BR score has been a 173 / 174 and I generally PT about 167.

I'm looking to mentor (for free) 1 student in the 150's or lower and help "pay it back" to 7Sage for being such an incredible resource. Since I have a very pregnant wife and a toddler I won't be able to video chat, but I hope to message back and forth at least once a day and answer any questions you have or help work through tough problems. Mentoring can be especially helpful in grasping some of the hard yet core concepts in approaching tough RC questions, hard logic games, or just seeing subtle wording or subtle support relationships in LR.

Please let me know if you're interested,



  • JDream2023JDream2023 Monthly + Live Member
    729 karma

    me! me! me!

  • Confidence150Confidence150 Alum Member
    1417 karma

    Sent message. Thank you

  • H.al1997H.al1997 Alum Member
    318 karma

    I am! Please

  • msiummsium Monthly Member
    70 karma

    I am interested !!!

  • pjordan9876pjordan9876 Monthly Member
    15 karma

    Hello, I am interested!

  • MarkmarkMarkmark Alum Member
    976 karma

    Hi all thank you so much for the responses, I've closed the post for now so I can help some of the people who posted. Thanks again :)

  • 99thPercentileOrDieTryin99thPercentileOrDieTryin Free Trial Member
    652 karma

    I am also willing to mentor one person for free. Highest prep test: 177. Two-month average when finished studying: 172. Real life scores: 164/165. School starting in fall 2020: William & Mary.

    I think this is a great idea, OP.

  • fox...11fox...11 Alum Member
    50 karma

    hi there, junior year college student in Miami. i started LSAT studying in January, began 7Sage in mid Feb. i am looking for a mentor as i’ve never had one before, would love the opportunity.

  • Alice003Alice003 Alum Member
    690 karma

    Hello, Me! I am very interested in it. I just saw this post!

  • grace099grace099 Alum Member
    132 karma

    Hi , me too..have done just two PTs and my average score is 155, would love to get mentored , so I could get molded in the right direction from the start...thank you

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