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Recommendations for Lawgic Heavy Games?

ahnendc-1ahnendc-1 Member
in Logic Games 642 karma

Hey everyone! Trying to improve my speed with games that a SUPER heavy on COMPLEX Lawgic.

Any recommendations for good games from 1-36, 37-41 or 72-81? (These are the games that I've already done; the rest I'm saving as fresh PT's). Additionally, any games that use bi-conditionals would be extra-beneficial since this is also probably an area of improvement for me.

Thanks in advance!


  • NerfThisNerfThis Alum Member
    168 karma

    I would recommend doing drills of in-out games as those are the most lawgic focused heavy. You can make problem sets and filter only in-out logic games and have at it.

  • Law and YodaLaw and Yoda Alum Member
    4289 karma

    I've only drilled 1-35 and took a look at my notes, here are some games that had an interesting way of using Lawgic (note that some may not be super heavy in Lawgic but still make you pause and think)

    PT2 S3 G4
    PT9 S3 G3
    PT14 S1 G3
    PT16 S1 G4
    PT21 S1 G3
    PT21 S1 G4
    PT22 S3 G4
    PT23 S1 G2
    PT24 S4 G3
    PT25 S3 G3
    PT27 S2 G2
    PT31 S1 G2
    PT31 S1 G4

  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
    8192 karma

    I'd just create a problem set filtering for in-out games.

  • ahnendc-1ahnendc-1 Member
    642 karma

    @"Law and Yoda" Thank you!! Exactly what I was looking for!

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