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Looking for fellow plus 170 scorers to help push our scores closer to 180 Member
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I study every day and am working most intensely on trying to improve on logic games, I'm pretty good at everything else and can share resources! I find it easier to stay motivated when I've got other people working towards the same goal.

The reason I mention 170 plus is because of the following suggestion from a 180 scorer
Share the Same Goals - In one sense, my in-person partner did not have the same goal as me (HYS) because she didn't have the GPA for it, but my online partner did. In another sense, we all had similar goals (a top LSAT score), although my goal was still probably a little more ambitious than my in-person partner's (i.e. a 180 vs. -172-175). I think it probably helps to be paired up with someone with the same goal, but I can't say it's a necessary characteristic to look for, because my in-person partner was useful despite not having the exact same goal. Same Passion and Drive - See above; it seems like it's probably very helpful, but it may not be necessary to have someone as highly motivated as you are. One thing you definitely DON'T want, though, is someone who will meet up with you and then detract from your ability to study (by chatting with you, for example). Note: I was able to get some of the benefit of this characteristic from reading the advice in the "How to Get a 160+" thread.

DEPENDABLE - This is probably one of the most important characteristics to look for in an in-person study partner. My in-person partner and I met at least one or two other people at the Borders where we studied (and talked to several others on TLS), but all of them stopped coming (or never showed up in the first place). Be ready for this; it's probably a good idea to meet up with people as close to your house/apartment as possible, so that you won't be too inconvenienced by people not showing up. Being on time is another important thing, although both I and my partner were lazy at times. Try to have at least 3-4 hours free whenever you plan to meet up with others, because it may well be an hour after your arranged meeting time before the other person shows up and you're both done using the bathroom and eating.

Share Suggestions and Opinions - You can get a lot of this benefit from reading the advice of highscorers and by asking for advice in the forums. On the other hand, I tried to always focus on this aspect of my training partner relationships, because I thought that the best way for us to improve would be to reflect on our mistakes and try to think of ways to avoid those mistakes in the future. There were also times when my partners and I made suggestions that I never saw in a forum.

Honest and Critical - The importance of this can go either way; it is important to have a partner who can help you spot weaknesses in your study method or test-taking method, but it is also important to have someone who won't be overly critical and hurt your morale. I was probably more critical than my in-person partner (probably because I had more time to study and thus found it easier to put out a big, and frequently told her when I thought she was wasting her time with a particular method or not studying hard enough. It seemed to annoy her at times, which is when I would back off. Ultimately, though, I think the combination of my criticism and my own hard work (which she could see for herself) may have motivated her to study harder than she would have if I wasn't paired up with her. For example, in the last month or two before the test she said she was putting out an enormous effort including taking a PT a day, which is not an easy thing to do for more than a few days.


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