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How to prepare for the flex format?

tmh5947tmh5947 Member
in General 313 karma

Hey guys, does anyone know how to best prepare for the flex format because it’s given on a computer?


  • 1058 karma

    The interface is supposed to look just like LSAC's Lawhub so I would use that a few times even though their tests are still in the 4 section format. Other than that, I think creating section tests in the problem sets on 7Sage is a good option.

  • raevco25raevco25 Alum Member
    139 karma

    I took the June test, and having the digital 7Sage format is incredibly helpful in getting used to taking it on a computer. The LSAC site also offers a few practice tests that are pretty identical to the format you can expect, so I would recommend taking at least one of those. Honestly, I was a little worried about how to prepare for taking it on a computer, but it's really not worth it as your familiarity with the 7Sage format will help a ton. Good luck!

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