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Help: LR and RC Strategies to get the most amount correct for August Flex!

brawl001brawl001 Core Member
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Hello All,

Does anyone have any strategies for getting the highest possible correct in the 35 minute time frame? For example, should I just do the 3 easiest passages and skip the hardest passage, or do 3 and a half passages? In LR, I tend to get bogged down easily so maybe skipping the hard ones and getting as much done as possible. If you have any strategies that have worked for you that would be greatly appreciated. I'm aiming for a 160...which allows for about 6-7 incorrect in each section.


  • jknarf513jknarf513 Member
    189 karma

    I think it kind of depends on you personally. I'd go back through prep tests you've done and see if there are any patterns that emerge...for me, I tend to panic toward the end no matter how easy or hard the questions are, so I've found that drilling lots of timed sections has helped me settle down a little bit. I also know that of the LR questions I do get wrong, most of them are in the 18-25 range. So if I have something flagged that's in the beginning portion of the section, I know I can get that right if I just go back and take a second look. RC (and LG) are different because of the investment component. I'd suggest trying to get a sense for where you struggle, and then change up your strategy accordingly. The thing that's helped me improve my score a little bit is something that JY and others have said, which is not to assume you're going to get 100% correct. If you psychologically accept the fact that you're going to get at least a few wrong, then it makes it way easier to skip questions and come back to them later. I'm sure others will have much wiser advice, but that's my take!

  • rivierabluerivierablue Alum Member
    edited August 2020 80 karma

    I'm aiming for a 160 as well, I've had the best results in LR by going immediately to #11, and spending most of the time up front on the harder questions, getting to he end with around ~18 mins remaining, while starring tough questions and skipping any PR/PF questions before going back to #1 and do 1-10, then hit those starred questions and then finally the PR/PF questions before reviewing.

    For RC, I have less of a strategy, but will still star lots of tricky questions to come back to, my thing with RC is to really just visualize an the author and get into the material and tone. I have a hard time assess during the section which passages are the hardest vs easiest so I tend to just go first to last.

    Edit: Oh yeah, and good luck, we got this.

  • brawl001brawl001 Core Member
    21 karma

    Thanks! Best of luck to you both in your law journey as well!

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    I think in general you should be prepared to skip any question that is a time sink for you. That time sink question is worth one point, and if you skip it, you can take that time to get three or four more points. The same goes for RC. If you find a passage on which your eyes are glazing over and you have literally no idea what it's saying, then it's time to move on. Concentrate on the other questions and then come back to the hard passage after the others have been done.

  • LawLessOneLawLessOne Member
    edited August 2020 38 karma

    If all else fails, BLITZ! BLITZ! BLITZ! Brute force through it all! WHOOOOP WHOOOOP

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