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Should I take the October LSAT?

The ErikThe Erik Monthly Member
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  • authayakauthayak Alum Member
    31 karma

    God. I am literally in the SAME EXACT boat as you.

  • meganday2121meganday2121 Alum Member
    74 karma

    Are you able to take both October and November/December? I signed up for the August 31 test and realized I may not meet my goal so I decided to go ahead and schedule for October too. It gave me peace of mind knowing my August score wouldn't be my only shot, and it is nice to know I can improve. I also work full time and am a splitter, so I feel you! I think my advice would be to take October, get your feet wet, and sign up for a later test date too. But if you aren't able to take 2 tests, it might make you feel better to wait til later. You'll still have a shot if you apply a little later.

  • m.i.rivasm.i.rivas Alum Member
    203 karma

    I'm in a very similar position too! I would say wait until you feel as comfortable as possible to take it. It's better to apply later with a really high LSAT score than early without meeting your potential. For some schools getting in the 170s is a huge plus no matter the time frame. And given that your diagnostic is really high you probably have a good shot of getting in the 170s in that time frame.

  • sushilover930sushilover930 Monthly Member
    74 karma

    Same here! I feel like I'm in a much similar position as you. I had initially registered for October but now I'm thinking of changing it to November and/or January. With full-time work and other things, it's proving to be a lot harder that I'd anticipated! Let me know what you guys decide, we have time until September 25th!

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