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Study buddy RC

ConstantineConstantine Member
edited December 2020 in Reading Comprehension 1313 karma

Usually there a few questions that just out of my league.
I need someone, who close to -4


  • SufficientConditionSufficientCondition Alum Member
    311 karma

    I like Constantine the saint. Not sure what section you're dealing with. I guess you want to cover very specific problems (remotely unless you're in NYC)?

  • ConstantineConstantine Member
    1313 karma

    We will take one of the PT or section. I'm gonna show you when we meet via zoom in detail. I will present a passage in real time. As I read, share my thoughts, we discuss it, then you present the next one, we discuss it, and so on. I've done this before (RC,LR). It's super effective.

  • kamelbrooklynkamelbrooklyn Core Member
    36 karma

    Also in NYC and also same.

  • ioomoregbeeioomoregbee Core Member
    12 karma I'm interested

  • VerdantZephyrVerdantZephyr Member
    2054 karma

    I'm also interested in that methodology. You @'d me before, but I lost the post. I'm averaging -2.7 on RC and want that down to less than 2 or better. Main point is my weakness.

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