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Is the 7Sage Admission Course worth it?

tringo335tringo335 Alum Member

Has anyone purchased the 7Sage Admissions Course? Is it worth the sticker price? We're down to one income due to Covid-19 and $3K for me right now might as well be $50k lol but if it's worth the fee, I will try to find a way to pay it.


  • madi2639madi2639 Alum Member
    117 karma

    Yes!! It walks you through every part of the application, and I believe it's only $20 or something like that.

  • disindexdisindex Alum Member
    57 karma

    Are you asking about the consulting or the course?

    The course is $10. The consulting is $3k (and sold out I think).

  • Hey there! So I purchased the consulting package (the $3k one) back in February. I have also been impacted by the pandemic at a job I already don't make a whole lot at. The 7sage team though was amazing with payment plans and they allowed me to split up my payments into 6 monthly installments which ended up helping me out tremendously. To be honest I was actually late a couple days with one and they were still super accommodating and their team always got back to me in a timely manner.

    As for the consulting itself, Selene (my consultant) has made this whole process so much smoother and given me more confidence in my applications. I am the first in my family to go to law school (or to attend grad school in general), so having someone guiding me through this eases the anxiety and pushes me to do things I wouldn't normally have even thought of-- but have made the difference. My personal statement and diversity statement are totally complete and better than anything I could've attempted on my own. I work full time while studying for the LSAT and the 7sage team has been nothing short flexible and accommodating to my needs. You're really well taken care of and they work with your desired pace.

    Let me know if you have any questions-- I'm more than happy to share!

  • blayzeej1blayzeej1 Alum Member
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    Hi tringo335, I totally get what you are saying regarding wondering if it is worth the money as I wondered the same thing before ultimately coming to the decision to sign up for the $3K consulting. My income has also suffered slightly in light of Covid-19, so it made me a bit hesitant to take out that much out of my savings.

    I am not one to usually give out reviews, but because of how impressed I was with the 7Sage service and the fact that I ran across your post, I felt like I should give my input. I can definitely attest that their consulting package lives up to the price. Yes, it is expensive but I found for me that it helped take a tremendous amount of stress off my shoulders because they have a very organized approach (they ask you questions and stuff to find out more about you and see what would be the best thing to write about) and it helps ease the process of writing the essays. I know for me it saved me a lot of time, that I in turn was able to use to focus on studying for the LSAT. I was also worried having read on Reddit that some companies that do consulting have people that kind of rush you through the process to just get the essays done and consider doing a "good job" is good enough for fulfilling their duty of service. I did not find that at all to be the case for me, Selene was my admissions consultant and I really could tell she took the time to review what I wrote and wanted to make sure that my writing was at its best. The responses you get too are very quick, so I really have gotten the sense that they do have truly dedicated individuals working for their company which is why I am satisified with the money spent, even given the hefty price tag. A 5 star service for sure.

  • adkinsaadkinsa Member
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    Hi @tringo335, I used the full 7Sage admissions course. I, like you, tried to look at the cost/benefit outcomes prior to purchasing. I would just say a few things.

    1. Have a conversation with David if you are on the fence or need someone to talk it out with. I did so when I was starting my journey, which was really helpful. He didn't push me one way or the other, but at least communicated what he thought the value of their service was.

    2. I applied to every T-14 law school. Now, I withdrew some of my applications due to personal issues towards the end of the cycle after not hearing anything, but I'll just say this. I am attending a top 5 law school with an amazing scholarship. I did have good stats and writing ability, but I had no idea how to put it all together in one nice, neat package.

    3. Thus, here are the primary benefits I found that justify the cost. Just FYI, I worked with Selene and Aaron. First off, Selene is your go to person for trying to figure out what this whole law school application thing is about. She helped me every step of the way, and probably spent over 6 hours in conversations with me as I tried to figure out how to deal with the cycle. Second, Aaron is truly a godsend. His ability to help one craft any type of writing is truly world class. He knows exactly what a piece of writing needs, and is not afraid to help you at every step. He is also very quick to respond and give feedback. I think this is what is unique about 7Sage. You are working with people that know how to write!

    4. This is a short review, but I would say that it is worth the money. The reality is that a lot of how the law school application cycle goes is based on stats. However, it is no surprise to realize that the writing, including your story, and explaining anything relevant is incredibly important as well. Considering that law school is a huge investment of time and money, you might as well do anything and everything possible to save money down the line. I know for a fact that the narrative that I crafted with 7Sage is largely responsible for why I was able to get the admission and scholarship offers that I did. If you spend 3k on this package, but get an extra 10k in scholarships because of what you sent in, then its worth it.

  • espa0535espa0535 Alum Member
    19 karma

    This is coming from a non-traditional applicant, as I graduated from undergrad about 7 years ago! To add to that, I'm also working full time and so I found myself in the dark on how to create the best schedule for myself in the upcoming law admission cycle. While I did initially consider the consulting package to be pricey, I'm really glad I pulled the trigger and made the investment.

    @"selene.steelman" , my consultant, kept me accountable through the timeline she helped me create, and I was able to complete my personal statement (plus diversity essay and addendums) early, which saved me invaluable time to focus on studying for the LSAT, while juggling a full time job and other family responsibilities. (Also, I'm not the best writer so the help I got on my personal statement and other necessary essays was absolutely key!!)

    I'm still in the midst of the application cycle, however, I can say that the peace of mind, in knowing that I'm in the hands of someone who is very knowledgable in this field, is absolutely worth it. My consultant has been super prompt in all replies and I'm really excited to complete the LSAT next week so that I can finally start the rest of my application process. I also think that because at the end of the day your admission comes down to basically just numbers, data, and other soft factors, you really need someone with the expertise in law admissions to help best display your strengths to potential law schools. :)

  • jmarmaduke96jmarmaduke96 Member Sage
    2891 karma

    Hi there!

    I have been using the 7sage admissions course and working with @"selene.steelman." If you are looking for a quick answer, I am very happy and I think it was worth every penny. Selene has helped me with everything from narrowing down my ideas for topics, to drafting, to final editing. She has been a fantastic resource to have nearby and is always happy to answer any question that I have. Furthermore, she is an incredibly quick and incisive editor. When I send an updated round of edits, it is never more than 48 hours before she has the documents back to me, replete with thoughtful edits and helpful suggestions.

    While the admissions process is extremely stressful and I can't say that I am relaxed about the process, I know for a fact that I am much more at peace than I would be if I did not have Selene's guidance. Similarly, I know my applications that I will be sending out next month are much stronger than they would be otherwise.

    I may be echoing things that people have already said, but I think it is true. The costs v benefits easily can end up making it worthwhile. A very well written application can be the difference between being accepted to a reach school and not getting accepted. Such an application can also be the difference between getting a substantial scholarship and not getting one. I think that those benefits will be much more likely than not to outweigh the price-tag of the 7sage admissions consulting.

    Honestly, in my opinion, everything that 7sage does is extremely high quality and extremely reasonably priced considering the benefits. That applies to the LSAT course, the Law School Explained course, and, of course, the admissions consulting. If you have any specific questions that you would like to ask, feel free to shoot me a direct message. I am happy to answer any questions that you may have!

  • thetrinabaileythetrinabailey Monthly Member
    edited October 2020 138 karma

    @tringo335 Like you, $3000 felt like $50,000 to me when I was considering the course. I am single mother, so money is always tight. But 7sage worked with me and allowed me to make payments. While paying off the balance, I hit a few road bumps and had to pay late once or twice (can't recall exactly). 7Sage never made me feel sh*tty about it. Rather, they were accommodating and kind. As far as the class content goes, it is superior. The class walks you through applying and writing essays --in a detail. If you have never applied to law school before and do not know what to except, I think the class is very helpful, and necessary. Prior to the course, I had no idea what I was doing. And, in fact, I had really under estimated the law school application process. The lectures help orient you to the application process; they are not too wordy; they are high quality and easy to follow. David's voice is really calming too, actually. As far as my consultant goes, I would have never been able to pull off my essays, etc., without @brigettesuhr. She has been a God send to me. Brigette does not know it, but I consider her a member of my human-connected family. She has played an important part in helping me reconstruct my life story. Hope this helps. Feel free to reach out with questions. Wishing you well!

  • estradadaniela55estradadaniela55 Monthly Member
    6 karma

    That is a ridiculous amount of money.

    There are multiple FREE programs out there that walk you through the ENTIRE process. check out for people of color:

    The give great recommendations for submitting a successful application. Including: what you PS should address, what makes a successful LOR, when to apply to increase your chances, etc.

    Also, reach out to people who know you well to review your personal statement. (professors, friends, coworkers).

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