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Slightly modifying Ultimate Course study schedule...

bstew2002bstew2002 Alum Member
in June 2015 LSAT 269 karma
I am currently registered for the June 2015 LSAT. This is my second shot after getting in the mid-160s a couple of years ago. Prep method at the time was some Powerscore skimming, a few PTs, and lots and lots of liquor. I finished the Ultimate curricular lessons a few weeks ago and have started doing the PTs.

I work full time and probably won't be able to take more than half of the PTs in the curriculum. I also purchased the most recent ones that are not included in the package. I was thinking about taking the even or odd numbered ones only (i.e. 42, 44, 46,...72, 74) for the June test for a couple of reasons: making sure I get some practice on the more recent (and relevant) PTs, but also leaving some in the hopper and keeping them "pristine" in case I want to give it another go in October.

I am hitting the 170s using the proctor app and 180 for Blind Review. But, hey, I can always screw up on test day, right? The data in the control group is too small right now to make assumptions anyway. Feel pretty good where I am though.

Thoughts? Should I just burn through in sequence or just focus on doing half the PTs? There are specific reasons I have to take the test in June that I don't want to delve into, but I will if asked. Just try to refrain from the "don't take it in June and just wait until October/December" advice if you can.

Liquor is still a part of my prep, but JY says I have to give it up 2 months out. Which is a week from today. FML.


  • PetrichorPetrichor Alum Member
    359 karma
    How about doing the most recent PTs instead of odd numbers?
  • emli1000emli1000 Alum Member Inactive ⭐
    3462 karma
    Or maybe try taking every June PT since you'll be taking the June LSAT?
  • Alum Member
    463 karma
    I'm in a similar dilemma I will get to the PT stage next month. I am retaking in October. I work full-time and I know I will not be able to take all the PTs. I don't know how many PTs you are thinking of taking a week. I think taking all odd or all even PTs is a good idea but perhaps once you get to recent tests say PT 65 or higher (totally random number) take all the tests if time permits. Best wishes.
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