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Looking for a study partner for april/june lsat

LawyerBarbieLawyerBarbie Alum Member
in General 164 karma

I will give a gist about myself and hopefully you might find me a beneficial study partner.
I am a non traditional applicant (8 years out) and I have taken the exam 2x with my last score at 150. I am PTing in the mid 150s and looking to get somewhere in the 160s . Would like to have a study partner who can commit to 2x week (once during the weekday and 1 weekend day). Preferably someone who is Pting 155 or higher looking to get 160+. My strength is LG than LR than RC. I am ok with zoom or FT.


  • Ashley2018Ashley2018 Alum Member
    2072 karma

    I'd be cautious about study groups on this site; I've found that many will message you all excited but will stop messaging. Ghosting is a very common occurrence here and I wouldn't join a study group with more than one person. It can get very difficult to juggle thing around with multiple people talking at once. Just my cup of tea after spending months and months on this page.

  • LawyerBarbieLawyerBarbie Alum Member
    164 karma

    Thanks @"ashley.tien" . Yep! That's right! That's why I said study partner not group.

  • Ashley2018Ashley2018 Alum Member
    2072 karma

    Oops. But yeah, I've had study partners as well and they disappear mysteriously into oblivion after a zoom session or two despite me messaging them. Has happened to me more than once.

  • iambcross27iambcross27 Member
    2 karma

    Non traditional applicant here too. 7 years out. I scored 154 6 years ago on LSAT. Looking to get a 165 this time around.

  • MissionLsatMissionLsat Alum Member
    379 karma

    Pting around 164. Interested

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