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One Week to June LSAT and RC

I started out with a 154 diagnostic and with my last PT, improved to 167. Although this is a great PT and could certainly be an outlier, the one thing that remains constant is my RC score. I have NEVER been able to reduce my incorrect ACs below -6. On the 167 PT, I got -7. I am curious if there are any other high scorers who had originally had this issue and were able to resolve it. Any advice?


  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
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    Active inline translation and critical examination. Like do it as you read. Call out inferences and indicators of noteworthy items like attitude and structure as they appear, like you're explaining it to yourself. Beneath all the tricks and strategies, this is still reading comprehension. 100% understanding may not be feasible, but the closer we get, the easier it will be. Just like everywhere else on the test, invest in the passage (or stimulus/setup) up front.

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