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Managing LSAT and Application Prep Timeline for Early Fall 2021 Application

HLoom1222HLoom1222 Alum Member

To increase my admissions odds after a really terrible undergraduate GPA many moons ago, I am planning on/hoping to apply as early as possible this coming cycle. But, in spite of working on the LSAT about 6 hours a day since January I'm simply not ready for the June test, which means my first test date will be August, with the possibility of a second test in October. Are any other folks in a similar boat and working with a similar timeline? And, if so, how do you plan to manage your time between working on LSAT and preparing application materials?

(I had hoped against hope that I could be close to my score goals by this June test, take the test, have a viable score in the pocket, and then, from there, maybe split my time half-half on application materials and improving the LSAT score a few points. Now that's not the case, I am trying to sort out what my new time distribution should be. I worry about accidentally hyper-focusing on the LSAT to the detriment of the application materials.)

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