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You are not getting "high priority" questions wrong

Amalia RamosAmalia Ramos Monthly Member
in General 10 karma

I keep seeing a lot of comments of people who think that the priority section under results refers to whether the question itself is considered to be high or low priority in general. I thought I would make a post to clarify this, in case it helps anyone.
When it says a question is high priority it just means that it is high priority for you specifically. Meaning that you should review the video explanation because you got the question wrong before and after blind review or that you didn't blind review a question you got wrong which makes the system assume that you were 100 percent certain about your wrong answer.
So don't freak out! You are not getting high priority questions wrong. The priority tag gets assigned and tailored to you specifically AFTER your responses have been submitted. There is no standard set of high vs low priority questions.
I hope this is helpful to someone ✨


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