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RC timed vs. untimed

autumn.ames23autumn.ames23 Alum Member

RC is my weak section. I am retaking in August so im focusing heavy on it. I am using a new strategy (I was just flat out reading before, forgetting everything and getting lost). This strategy is working, I got -4 compared to -11 on a section. But im doing it untimed to make sure I do it properly.... any suggestions on how to slowly transition this into timed sections by the August test?


  • Michelle V.Michelle V. Alum Member
    29 karma

    hey what strategy are you using?

  • autumn.ames23autumn.ames23 Alum Member
    251 karma

    @michellevasquez070715 said:
    hey what strategy are you using?

    So I've been using the underlining tool I found that by underlining as I read makes me read more actively and remember where things are in the passage. Then I jot down a little note of the structure of each paragraph. Before I go into the questions I make sure I know the main point and authors tone

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