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Score Decrease

kara31100kara31100 Alum Member

I am really confused, the more I study for RC the more my score decreases. I used to get 6-7 RC questions wrong but now I am getting 16 wrong, please help!


  • Jahn.SnowJahn.Snow Alum Member
    307 karma

    Do you have a good strategy you can apply consistently? For example, I saw a score increase when I consistently used the LSAT Trainer "reading for reasoning structure" method for each passage I encountered combined with 7sage's method.

    If you have a good strategy, how are you doing mentally? Prior to my June exam I went from -3 range back to -10 (my diagnostic range) and it was because my anxiety was getting in the way. Focus is a pillar for excelling in RC, how do you feel while doing the sections?

    Regardless, I recommend doing untimed sections until you're getting -0, then easing back into timed sections. You can even do sections with extra time and whittle it down (for ex: 55m per section, to 45, to 40, to 35) to practice speed while maintaining accuracy.

    You're definitely not alone in experiencing RC fluctuations, you've got this!

  • agc438agc438 Yearly Member
    253 karma

    Omg I'm going through this too. Yeah, so as your test progress, reading comprehension actually becomes less formulaic in terms of what passages they do. From my exp, they used to give a solid one of each genre like humanities, and science, but in the later tests they mismatch. Honestly, you should probably drill science and humanities and you should watch the course videos on science being a phenomenon and hypothesis. Like while LG and LR become much more formulaic (in the increase in weakening and flaw questions), reading comp actually gets trickier.

  • LSAT AbleLSAT Able Alum Member
    136 karma

    Has your reading speed changed by any chance?

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