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RAM reducing tips

in General 21 karma

i've been seeing a lot of people's RAM usage higher than the 95% allowed by Proctor U. There are tons of articles on how to reduce your RAM on our computer. These are my go-to tips for a macbook air (intel - but that doesn't matter)

  1. remove any "log-in" applications

- system preferences > users & groups > Login items > uncheck all

  1. clear cached files

- finder > search "~/library/cache" select all - delete all


- this should be quite substantial after clearing your cached files

  1. Quit background programs

- activity monitor > filter high/low CPU usage > quit programs you're not using

  1. if you use google chrome...

- clear browsing data
- elipses top right hand corner > settings > clear browsing data

  • clear chrome task manager
  • elipses top right hand corner > more tools > task manager > quit any running programs
    **** NOT proctor U extension though
  1. if all else fails, restart your computer and try again with a fresh start

hope this helps - good luck!

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