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Do I need prep plus?

agaito90agaito90 Free Trial Member
in Off-topic 5 karma

Did anybody buy prep plus alongside the monthly $69? Just curious if I need it or not. Thanks.


  • ledkarlyledkarly Member
    483 karma

    Yes you do, unless if you've purchased it before. Thats how you do PT.

  • Theo - Student ServiceTheo - Student Service Member Moderator Student Services
    841 karma

    Hi @agaito90,

    LSAC requires that every student who wants to use a prep course that uses real LSAT questions must have an active LSAC Prep Plus subscription. That includes us, 7Sage, and any other LSAT prep course that uses real LSAT questions.

    Without an LSAC Prep Plus subscription, you won't be able to access parts of our Ultimate+ subscription course that show the licensed materials including the PrepTests and explanation videos. I'm afraid this is LSAC policy and we don't have a say in this.

    Note that you only need one LSAC Prep Plus subscription no matter how many prep courses you use. That means that if you use prep courses from multiple companies, you don't need to purchase multiple LSAC Prep Plus accounts. You can use the same one.

    I hope this helps! Let us know if you have any further questions.

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