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Totally get discouraged and lack motivation to study

ly1205ly1205 Monthly Member
in General 10 karma

I've been preparing LSAT for almost a year and I was originally planning to apply in the 2021-2022 cycle. I took the Aug test as my first try and got screwed. It seems to me that the LSAT became harder after it changed to 4 sections and the difficulty levels are closed to PT 80s. My LG is unstable, LR makes little progress and RC is a complete nightmare. I was originally planning to take the November test but the schoolwork burned me out and my study schedule got messed up it seems like I made no improvement over the past months. I got so frustrated and I literally had no motivation to practice at all. I'm right now thinking about postponing the November test to Jan and apply next year, but the pressure of worrying about I could not make improvement even if I postpone it makes me want to cry. The pressure of schoolwork, LSAT prep, and job searching for next year all add up and makes me feel so lost rn. I know I sounds like a spoiled school kid who can not handle pressure (I know many people who are in the workforce also struggled with LSAT prep and somehow manage to succeed) , but at this stage I just want to write out my true thoughts and I wonder if there's anyone who also decide to change their original plan from applying this year to next year because of struggles with the test change. Want to hear more thoughts and advice from ppl who are experiencing similar things. Thx

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