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What is the best tactic for 153?

insulterinsulter Alum Member
edited November 2021 in November 2021 LSAT 46 karma

Hi everyone. I will take the LSAT on Nov 12th. I have started to prepare in August. In this short time, I finished a book and watched 7Sage videos. I did 2 PTs and got 145. I have only 10 days from now to improve my score to 153 and I need your advice. Do you think it is possible? Thank you and good luck!


  • a_alfordalana_alfordalan Alum Member
    60 karma

    Biggest increases come from logic games. Focus on learning how to do the games and just maintain your LR and RC. Keep studying you got this

  • GenTheJudgeGenTheJudge Monthly Member
    edited November 2021 60 karma

    I second the logic games advice. Think of them as actual games, where there is always a correct answer. Other sections are more open to argument (well I was thinking xyz so I chose abc). You absolutely CAN do this!! 10 days is a lot of days compared to 0 days. Drill logic games focusing on correct answer, not timing. In one month, spending only about ehhh 30 hours total tbh, I went from wrong and out of time to -2 max with extra time leftover now. Also, it’s not important to learn about logic games beyond do you know how to set it up for yourself. Don’t spend too much time reading tips, spend that time on practicing. Struggling for RC to “click”? Something about this video really helped me; watching during a commute/walk/not active study time.

  • LuxxTabooLuxxTaboo Monthly Member
    212 karma

    I am in similar situation. I am currently at 150 and need to increase to 160 in 2 weeks. I am also focusing on logic games since they are easiest to learn while including a little bit of time each day left over to LR and RC

  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Alum Member Sage 🍌
    26374 karma

    Realistically, this kind of increase just doesn’t happen in this amount of time. I’d strongly suggest delaying your test. If that’s just not possible, I’d maybe try taking and BRing as many PT’s as you can fit between now and then. But to reiterate, this is very much not ideal and you shouldn’t do it unless delaying is really, actually not a possibility.

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