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How to mentally prepare day before the test

Hey guys! I'm taking the test tomorrow and I'm quite excited to take it (believe it or not). What are some ways to maintain positive energy levels and motivation going into the test and during? For me what has worked the most is quick meditation early in the morning and treating the test like four section tests instead of viewing it as a daunting 3-hour exam. The first time I took the exam I was blindsided by the order of the first section and that feeling lingered onto the remaining sections. NEVER AGAIN!

I'm going to do a few drills today and watch a movie and rest the remainder of the day.

Sending everyone taking the November test positive energy and manifesting that we all reach our goal scores! All the best :)


  • ledkarlyledkarly Alum Member
    483 karma

    This sounds like the best plan!

    We are going to KILL the LSAT!

  • ThemistoclesThemistocles Monthly Member
    28 karma

    Our entry into the great beyond is guaranteed! Not even the LSAT can stop us!

  • krxqm333krxqm333 Alum Member
    82 karma

    I love your positive mindset! Best of luck!

  • legallybrunette-3legallybrunette-3 Alum Member
    49 karma

    Good luck! I'm also taking tomorrow (for the first time) and I'm going to try and do what you said. You're gonna do great! :)

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