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Post November please

areej_fareej_f Member
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So I did not score high on the november lsat :( I got a 157.

I did have a five point increase from the last time I wrote the LSAT (152 in august). I'm unsure where to go from here study wise. Do I stick to my study method (1 PT a week, blind review, 7sage videos to help me with LR/LG I am struggling with)? Should I focus more on CC? I just originally felt like it was time consuming and wanted to start practicing sooner rather than later. Do i change it? Does any one with their successful score have any study method tips?

If it matters, I didn't get 7sage and use the study method above until september.

Please help!!!!!


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    I started at a 155 and took forever to get into the 160's. After switching to 7 sage about 3 months in, I realized that I was missing a lot of fundamentals. Depending on how you feel about conditional logic, diagramming, and logical indicators, I think it would be helpful to spend about 2 weeks going through the core curriculum and drilling and then the remaining 4 weeks practicing full sections in addition to full practice tests.

  • areej_fareej_f Member
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    Thank you!

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