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For LG which videos I need to watch on 7sage since I am skipping LR CC

faizanhuda12faizanhuda12 Alum Member
edited December 2021 in Logic Games 22 karma

Hi, all I have decided to use Loophole for LR and 7sage for games. I wanted to ask since I will not be doing the LR CC for 7 sage which videos I should watch from the CC to prepare me for the logic needed in the LG section that's it thanks!


  • nicole_98nicole_98 Monthly Member
    53 karma

    hi!! I'm actually wondering the same thing right now! I'm using 7sage for all sections, starting with LG since it was my lowest section, and then onto LR! Were you able to figure out which logic and general topic videos to start with on here? Thank you so much in advance!

  • teechj117teechj117 Alum Member
    edited January 2022 290 karma

    Check out videos in the introduction to Logic and Advanced logic tabs. It's hard to say which one specifically. The exercises there are also good for practice. Get good with group 3 and group 4. Know what inclusive and exclusive either/or (and not both) rules are, and know how it affects the placement of pieces on a game board. This will be particularly important to know for grouping, in/out games, and all their variants.

    ex. Inclusive and/or - Require atleast 1, possibly both in the "in group"
    /A ---> B
    /B ---> A

    Exclusive and/or (and not both) - Pick one or the other, possibly none in the "in group"
    A ---> /B
    B ---> /A

    If this doesn't make sense now, that's okay. Refer back to this. You've found an important lesson when it becomes clear, now drill until it's understanding is second nature.

    Hope this helps

  • nicole_98nicole_98 Monthly Member
    53 karma

    thank you so much! i'll definitely refer back!!

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