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Sending in Applications Before Receiving Score

vspicy23vspicy23 Member
edited January 2022 in Law School Admissions 190 karma

Hey everyone,

I'v read here that some people send in their applications in order to meet the deadline, but before receiving their LSAT score. Is this possible? Will it hurt my chances in getting in? How do I make sure that they know not to make a decision before they receive my score? Will I even be able to submit the application without the score?

Pleased Advise


  • lizzogonzolizzogonzo Member
    628 karma

    They're not going to review your application until you have a valid LSAT score, so whether or not you want to submit your apps before then is up to you. It doesn't do anything to your application

  • vspicy23vspicy23 Member
    190 karma

    @lizzogonzo how do I even submit the application without my LSAT score? cos they require me to type in some kind of number

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