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Study tips for retaking December LSAT

yh4417yh4417 Member
edited October 2013 in General 4 karma
Hi, I received 141 for October LSAT. This score is unexpected, because my range for practice exams was from 147 to 152.
I plan to retake December LSAT. Would you share some study tips? Is it better to watch 7sage lecture once again? I was panic on game section on October LSAT.


  • erh23erh23 Alum Member
    2 karma
    I'm in the same boat. I got a 148, which is a lot lower than I wanted. I have just started 7sage and hoping it helps me improve significantly. Any other study tips from anyone for the LR and RC sections would be great.
  • Litian.ChenLitian.Chen Member
    136 karma
    How long have you guys studied? October test was my second LSAT, I got a 6 pts bump from 156 to 162. If you study long enough (finished most recent PTs), try go through them again, you will get a rhythm that really helps. LSAT is learnable, repetition is key....
  • James DeanJames Dean Member
    edited October 2013 297 karma
    I'm personally trying to decide if it's possible to make notable gains in just over a months time.
    I hit a 163 on the OCT 2013 LSAT. My anxiety was unreal of test day, even woke up with a migraine. My last 8 PT's were in the 165-172 range.... So I don't know what to do. I don't know how not to freak out of test day.
  • Litian.ChenLitian.Chen Member
    136 karma
    James, I freaked out in June. I was sweating all over the place the whole time.

    The second time it does get better
  • KatherineKatherine Alum Member
    136 karma
    Hi all,
    I would really recommend looking for proctored practice tests in your area. Sometimes other LSAT prep courses host free proctored PTs where you actually go in and take the test in person. Otherwise, it's been very helpful for me to take PTs under "test-day" conditions...places with other people around, distractions, and a bit of noise.

    Also, get out there and exercise and do some damn yoga. Seriously, it sounds silly, but it helps the mind stay clear and trains you to block out your own negative thoughts. It also helps you sleep better. And it helps you avoid LSAT burnout.

    These are all things I still need to work on. Good luck everyone!
  • daltonturnerdaltonturner Member
    edited November 2013 11 karma
    I scored a 158 on the Oct. write... I had a bubbling error in the first section that dropped me from a 160+... my question pertains more to the method of how exactly we should study. Would it be more beneficial to keep churning out PT' s (I have about 6 left) or would it be more beneficial to strengthen my foundation of understanding by going over the lessons on 7sage and other supplemental material? Only five weeks left till the December write and I would like to score a minimum of 162+... good luck everyone!
  • KatherineKatherine Alum Member
    136 karma
    Hi Dalton,

    I think you should keep taking 1 PT each week and supplement with 7Sage lessons for your areas of weakness, as well as their techniques for keeping your strong areas strong. Blind Review is tedious but amazing.

    Good luck!
  • J.Y. PingJ.Y. Ping Administrator Instructor
    edited November 2013 13406 karma
    There's an ancient Chinese adage that my Grandma is fond of reminding me "the effective medicine is bitter."

    Kind of reminds me of Blind Review... except, of course, this is a horrible analogy that wouldn't stand your laser sharp analysis for even a second.
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