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Tips on Improving Logic Games ASAP!

BRReivaBRReiva Member
edited April 2022 in Logic Games 55 karma

Hello all,
I was wondering if anybody could give me advice on Logic Games. I’ve been taking PTs everyday since April 11. And my test date is June 11. I’ve been seeing a slow incline and sometimes I’ll stagnate in scores. But I think it’s because my LG section is always really poor and it brings down my score.
Are their any strategies y’all would reccomend me do? Should I focus on LG during the week and then take PTs on the weekend?
Since my Best score so far on PTs is just shy of 8 points of my target score for the school I am looking at. So I think if I can just improve on LG section, then I’ll be able to get it on test day.

*PS, any of y’all watching the new season of Better Call Saul so far? Cuz I’m loving it! Haha


  • sknnelsknnel Member
    16 karma

    What helped me the most was drilling logic games sections on their own. I would do a timed LG section, blind review it, and then spend as much time as I needed reviewing/watching explanation videos until I understood the games inside and out. Then I would retake the section until I got it perfect. Repeat this for as many LG sections as you need until you start scoring perfect LG sections on your PTs!

  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
    8460 karma

    I would chill on the PT's and focus more on review and LG. One PT a day is too much IMO. No way you are getting the full value from those takes. I think on a week is enough, 2 is doable, and I have yet to meet someone who can PT/BR/review and extract the majority of value from 3 PTs in a week. Quality matters, not volume.

    For LG I would aim to drill one section a day, so 4 games each of which would likely take 3-4 runs before you either get it or just start remembering what the answers are, resulting in 12-ish reps total.

  • Yan WangYan Wang Member
    285 karma

    I agree that one PT per day is way too much. PTs are the most valuable assets in practicing this test, and we should try our best to get every ounce of juice out of them. With that said, I would review the finished game sections closely, redo the games that either cost too much time or have no clue how to solve, and repeat the process until you get to the suggested target time on 7Sage for each game. Then, I would summarize where I drew an inference or pushed two rules together because those are the essential skills required by the LSAT.

  • FutureQlawyerFutureQlawyer Member
    44 karma

    I know this will sound silly.

    But, before you diagram anything, make sure you know what type of game it is (1 or 2 level ordering, grouping, in/out) there are other types just to be clear.

    Draw a diagram for the specific game type.

    Write down each rule individually, make sure you understand the rule, double check all the rules to make sure that you understand them all.

    Then, if you can put rules together, put them together. If a specific rule states that one letter is in a specific spot on the board, put it in.

    The biggest issue is a lack of basic understanding, spend time thoroughly reviewing your mistakes. If you have a hard time with a basic level of understanding, it will be harder and take a longer time to improve your understanding. If you do this right you will be at a -1 or -0 within a few weeks to a month.

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