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Should I take a sooner LSAT?

ToriLSAT-1ToriLSAT-1 Monthly Member

I was looking through discussion threads of when individuals plan to take their LSAT. I only decided about two weeks ago after a gap year I would like to apply for Fall 2023, and since have been doing my best to study often and effectively. I was under the impression it would be okay to take in September, but it seems most plan to take it in June or August. Am I considerably behind if I plan on September? I realize that applications open around October so that would be a quick turn around, would that be a bad thing if I feel I really need the entire summer to study?


  • Shemariel165-1-1-1Shemariel165-1-1-1 Monthly Member
    16 karma

    Honestly I think it really depends on what your starting point is and what your end goal is.

  • Matt SorrMatt Sorr Yearly Member
    1054 karma

    I don’t think taking it in September is unreasonable at all. You’d get your score back early enough to still apply towards the beginning of the cycle. If you’re not scoring where you want/need to be before the June test, I wouldn’t take it just for the sake of doing it earlier.

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