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How many more tests should I take before August exam?

madisont144madisont144 Monthly Member
edited June 15 in August 2022 LSAT 80 karma

I am planning on taking the August 12th exam, how many more tests should I take?


  • rachellaterrachellater Monthly Member
    45 karma

    I planning on 2-3 a week.

  • Jbeans21Jbeans21 Monthly Member
    19 karma

    I have been taking one every other day. I will probably keep this rate consistent, but will obviously take a break if I experience a great amount of fatigue/burnout

  • noellesoliel35-1noellesoliel35-1 Monthly Member
    10 karma

    I was told at least 40. Hopefully that helps. Because if you know the patterns of about 40 LSAT tests theres nothing the LSAT can't throw at you that you aren't familiar with. And definitely do the 20 most recent tests.

  • Hinde SophiaHinde Sophia Monthly Member
    115 karma

    As many as you can handle while making sure you're prioritizing the blind review of those PTs. The blind review is where we actually learn and it's tedious but I really think it's the key to improving!

  • pegahnasrollpegahnasroll Monthly Member
    117 karma

    I only take one exam a week and I plan to keep doing that until the August exam (I do work full time so realistically I can only take one per week). I know some people suggest to doing more but personally I think BR and understanding why I got the questions wrong is much more important and that usually takes me around 2 days. A day to blind review the whole exam and a day to review all my missed answers, the rest of the week I do a lot of drilling and BR those. Goodluck!

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