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How long have you all been studying for aug 22?

rachellaterrachellater Monthly Member

How long has everyone been studying for the august 2022 exam? I am studying basically full time this summer hoping to take the august 2022 exam. Going to have a lot less time once school starts but I am nervous to sign up for it and not end up doing well. Hoping for 165+ score -- what should my score be at the end of June to determine if I should sign up for the August exam or instead do the September/October one?


  • __Juj_Sax____Juj_Sax__ Monthly Member
    32 karma

    I started studying March 1 (not full-time; I work full-time and have been making time when I can). Got to ~80% through the core curriculum, which I think is about all I'll do since I think it's more important to prioritize PTs at this point. I did make a point of completing ALL of the CC for LG since that's my biggest challenge area.

    As for what score you should be looking for by the end of this month, I'm not sure about that - might depend a bit on your historical scores/when you began studying. In my case, I saw a dramatic improvement in score during the first ~2 months of studying (when I made the bulk of my progress through CC). During that time, my score improved from 160 to 170, and I have rarely dipped below 170 since. I have had some outlier high and low scores in the ~1.5 months since, and I've also greatly increased the number of PTs I'm taking. I'd say leaving out those outliers, it's mainly a story of plateau/very slight improvement in score for me between end of April and now (averaging a 172 now).

    So if your scores were to follow the pattern of mine, I'd say ideally being ~2-3 points from your goal at the 1.5 month mark prior to test would be a good place to be. With the acknowledgement that outliers do happen and could happen on test day.

    My experience may not be applicable to your situation though, if you're strong or pretty steady on LG. My rapid improvement in the first 2 months is all LG (you have no idea how not pretty it was on my diagnostic). My understanding is that improving RC and LR score is much more difficult - and I'd say my results bear that out. My average RC and LR hasn't really budged since my diagnostic. I haven't been focusing there, but still, you might think there'd be a bit of improvement... that's perhaps what I get for deprioritizing that CC.

  • maco4538maco4538 Monthly Member
    130 karma

    I started probably late September of 2021, so it will be a little under a year by the time I take the test in August. Granted, I was doing school full time so I was only really putting in only half-time studying.

  • rachellaterrachellater Monthly Member
    40 karma

    Thank you! I think I got about half correct on first prep test I took for LG. I took a local prep class in person & I am so glad I did. It really helped me to understand the lsat fundamentals, & I am using 7sage for an alternate perspective on questions/explanations & to practice more. I have read 300-500 hours which I think I will hit before the August date so hopefully I end up being fully ready by then.

  • NYersagerNYersager Member
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    Ive been studying since February and took a two month course as well in between but still stuck in the the same 50s range. Not sure what to do.

  • rachellaterrachellater Monthly Member
    40 karma

    How many hours a week do you study?
    Are you getting -0 on LG?

  • PlsnologicPlsnologic Monthly Member
    24 karma

    I started in May, average 166 so far. Target score is 165-166.

  • 0hbergine0hbergine Monthly Member
    54 karma

    Your question is hard to answer because different sections require different amounts of time to improve. So there isn't one score that you should have by the end of June (last week; whoops!) if you want to get 165+. For example, if you had a 155 but all your errors were in LG, then you would perhaps have enough time to get 165+ by August. But if all your errors were in RC, then it would take longer to get 165+.

    Which areas do you need to improve on most?

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