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Where should I go from here?

BRReivaBRReiva Alum Member

Hello all,

I recently took the June 2022 Test and am not pleased with my score. Compared to my other test in January I did improve but only by 3 points. 133-136. I know not the best and a bad score. But my score I need is only a 146. So I’m 10 points off.
By this fall, I’m starting a career job, and all. But I am contemplating a retake for a third test in the future.

I need advice though: should I wait and study longer? Since this last test I studied from February to Early June so almost 4 months. But this time should I take 8-12 months instead? Also, what other strategies would anyone recommend this time around? Mix of 7Sage, Books and a tutor?

Again, I think I am going to take a 2-3 week break to strategize a new plan with any advice y’all can give me and hit the ground running in August/early September


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