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Internationals who have to take the October test late at night shall we band together?

u______uu______u Core Member
in Study Groups 233 karma

Unfortunately, I will be taking the October test at 3am. I'm currently studying throughout the day and then also throughout the night. I'm only going until 3am or 4am right now, but am planning on taking it later the closer I get to test date. But it's damn hard to be functional this late so I'm trying to see if anyone wants to form a group to do some studying together to help keep each other awake. Maybe we can do some sets and go over them together? I'm located in KST. Shoot me a DM or leave a comment if you're interested!


  • julia.grevejulia.greve Live Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
    176 karma

    Hey there,

    If you're looking for a buddy group, consider coming to the 7Sage Study Group Breakout! Our next session will be held on Monday, October 10th from 9:00-10:30pm ET.

    During the session, you will be sorted into a group of students in a similar score range based on your analytics. You and your group will debate the answers to the first LR section of PT51 without having looked at the answers. These breakout meetings are an excellent way to put together a virtual study group.

    You can register for the event at the link below!

  • slxyzvvv-1slxyzvvv-1 Member
    120 karma

    don't we have about half a day among which we could choose a time slot that works best for us?

  • pks_2290pks_2290 Member
    9 karma

    In the event that you're taking taking it so late because you couldn't get an earlier spot, check ProctorU again - I'm in a nearby timezone and on registration day it seemed like there was nothing before 9pm. Went back a couple days later and they had mercifully added (or re-added/opened) times in the mid-late afternoon. Switched from 9:30pm to a more favorable time. If there are still no earlier slots, it may be worth checking after the 13th, which is the official deadline to move/cancel your Oct registration without penalty. More reasonable times could open if any of the holders of the good spots change their mind. Good luck!

  • jubal.stephenjubal.stephen Member
    12 karma

    Sorry you had to take it at 3 am, I am writing from IST at around 7:30pm local time. You should definitely check ProctorU again I originally got 9pm local time. Would love to band together with the other Internationals!

  • CAlexL14CAlexL14 Core Member
    19 karma

    @"slxyzvvv-1" said:
    don't we have about half a day among which we could choose a time slot that works best for us?

    you have to book the time slot through proctor U. Most of us went in when the timeslot first opened but were only able to get midnight slots. That's what it's like for international tests. It's very different from the North America test where there are a lot more slots.

  • u______uu______u Core Member
    edited October 2022 233 karma

    @pksmith22 @jubal.stephen Yoooo I didn't know you could reschedule so I just checked ProctorU and there were so many time slots available. I managed to reschedule to 7pm. Thank you so much!

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