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Which section to focus on?

lsatlsat1lsatlsat1 Member
edited November 2013 in General 7 karma
I generally get 163s on my full length practice exams. Using (, it shows that generally my LR is 20/19, LG is 17, RC is 25. The problem with my logic games section is when I have a full hour, I can get all of them right. When it is timed, I only get a small section done, and then speed guess on the rest (in an attempt to get some points rather than none) if there's 2 minutes to go. My question is: I sit for the exam in December. Should I focus on improving LR, or try and improve on LG to get more total points? I don't need to apply for law school until fall of 2014, so I can a) choose to withdraw from Dec and take in Feb b) try and study as much as possible before Dec 7, c)_____?


  • The_RiseThe_Rise Alum Member
    283 karma
    I'm guessing the advice you'll get if you want to apply for this cycle is focus on games. They seem to be the easiest points to pick up (not for me). great RC scores btw, please let me know how you did that. If you think of it as you're losing like 10~11 pts on LR , you could try to tighten up there as well
  • lsatlsat1lsatlsat1 Member
    7 karma
    no I mean, I wouldn't fill out applications until fall 2014, to start fall 2015, if that makes a difference...I think for me, RC is by far the easiest section. I happen to be a really fast reader and I think it's always been the easiest section for me throughout hs and college, since the questions feel pretty intuitive if you remember what you read. I quick underline (and not a whole sentence, just the key word) a)the sections where I find myself "arguing" with the premise/assumption, with the thought that there's usually a "weakens/strengthens" sort of question, etc. b) find the conclusion and keep it in mind as the questions typically reference the conclusion c) as you read, think of counter-arguments (to pair with my comment in a), and finally things that seem extreme.
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