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What to Do if I Run Out of Logic Games?

dtlsat1999-1dtlsat1999-1 Monthly Member
in Logic Games 13 karma

My LG scores are consistently weaker than my LR and RC scores, and LG improvement is, at this point, all I need to reach my goal score of 170+.

However, I have now taken all of the games (save for those sets that are in my few remaining ‘clean’ PTs), and am worried about diminishing returns on my LG drilling. It bears mentioning, however, that I do not score perfectly on any games that I re-do.

My plan is to try the ‘foolproof method’ of re-doing games until they’re perfect, but I still thought I would reach out if people have additional advice. What other strategies have people in my position (or a similar position) taken? Anyone have thoughts on taking games I’ve already seen with less than the recommended time, or even doing ‘unofficial’ games (i.e., those not from a PrepTest)?

Thanks in advance!


  • spittingnickelsspittingnickels Monthly + Live Member
    56 karma

    manhattan prep offers "logic challenges" which are a set of about 25 logic games of enhanced difficulty. be ready to have your brain melted

  • georgianablythe16georgianablythe16 Monthly + Live Member
    113 karma

    Foolproof, foolproof, foolproof. Keep a spreadsheet of each game you do and record the amount you got correct and your time. If you didn't get all the questions correct, and you didn't score within the suggested time frame, do that game over the next day. I don't stop practicing a game until I've done it correctly (all answers right and under recommended time) three times in a row, with weeks in between attempts. I'm consistently at -1/-0 on logic games now and I've only foolproofed 20 PT's worth of games. Do not dive into the clean PT logic games. There is still MUCH you can learn from the other ones you have already done. I know it's boring and tedious and hard to do the same game over and over and over again but I believe it's one of the most effective ways to hone your LG score.

  • valentina.soares-1valentina.soares-1 Alum Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
    188 karma

    Hi there @dtlsat1999-1 ,

    The foolproof method is absolutely the way to go here, but what was said above about spaced out repetition is really really important! You should definitely practice the game until you've completed it 100% under target time and then attempt it 2 more times with a chunk of time in between to make sure you can still do it! I also agree about making sure you've learned all you can with the games you've completed before diving into clean PT games.

    Another thing that can be helpful is making sure you understand the fundamental skills of games in general and of game types and how to apply them. For example, are you super solid on your "or" and "not both" rules for in/out and grouping games? Are you able to translate and apply conditional rules really well? Do you know how to render a rule irrelevant by denying the sufficient or affirming the necessary? Can you use that skill to split your game board and remove the rule from your list? There are also a number of strategies that you can learn from foolproofing games and watching the explanation videos that can translate to many other games. An example of this would be using shapes like in the bookshelves game (37.3.3) or a chart for grouping games with a third element.

    There are many layers to game theory that go from rule representation and splitting in game board set ups to answering questions and approaching the section strategically. Most of this can be picked up from foolproofing and paying close attention to JY's strategies and advice in the explanation videos. However, if you feel like you could use some structure and direction, it might be worth working with one of our expert tutors. We would essentially take a look at your current process, diagnose your problem areas, identify what steps need to be taken to correct them and provide you with the mechanisms to do so and the homework/drills to solidify those concepts. If you are interested and would like to hear more about how the tutoring program works and how we can improve your LG score, you can set up a free 30 minute consultation with one of our tutors here:

    You can also share your analytics with us beforehand so we can go through that information and really show you what we would start with to help you get there.

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