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Core Curriculum: Example Question Videos

theo1106theo1106 Monthly Member
in General 52 karma

I'm still in the LR section of the core curriculum. For the different question types, a lot of the lessons comprise of example questions that JY goes over. While watching those, should I just be watching his thought process or trying to answer it myself before playing the video?


  • aiman.shahabaiman.shahab Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
    72 karma

    Hey @theo1106, great question! I would absolutely recommend working through the questions yourself before watching JY's explanation. Practicing those questions is what really allows the "Core Curriculum" lesson to sink in. Some students find that there are a lot of problem sets per question type-- if you feel like you've understood that question type pretty well, you can move ahead to the next question type. Likewise, if you feel like a question type isn't clicking even after completing those problem sets, you can practice additional questions using our "Drill" feature. Hope that helps! If you're interested in more tailored advice for studying Logical Reasoning, feel free to set up a free consult with one of our tutors here:

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